OAKLAND, Calif. — Vigilent® has announced that its Dynamic Cooling Management® system now provides consolidated HVAC system control to buildings that house changing configurations of data centers, technical, administrative, and central offices. Version 6 of the Vigilent system adds building-specific thermal control functions to its existing data center controls, enabling owners of mixed-use buildings to reduce energy costs and gain visibility throughout their existing HVAC infrastructure.

“Many of our telecom customers have large portfolios of mixed-use buildings in a constant tug-of-war between the heating and cooling requirements of evolving technology on one hand and retrofitted legacy equipment on the other,” said Dave Hudson, Vigilent CEO. “Vigilent now provides comprehensive automated control for these very different energy consuming regions within a single interface, typically reducing energy usage by upwards of 40 percent.”

The thermal environments of aging buildings can be extremely diverse as floor by floor use changes over the years. Managing such environments is challenging — beyond the different energy requirements of different floor space usage, internal temperatures are also affected by seasons, time of day, and as office space is filled or vacated. Vigilent said its system learns and identifies a building’s thermal patterns to automatically adjust HVAC equipment to maintain desired comfort levels with the maximum possible efficiency, just as it precisely controls temperatures to maintain required thresholds for data centers.

Wireless sensors deployed throughout a facility continually monitor the thermal environment, which enables the Vigilent system to make adjustments accordingly. The company said deployment of the dynamic cooling management system is quick and non-obtrusive, requiring no retrofits or building operation interruption.

Building control can be configured separately within the Vigilent system to manage building-specific requirements, such as zone monitoring (in addition to the rack inlet monitoring offered in the data center configuration) and direct HVAC control (in addition to computer room air conditioning or computer room air handler control), within a single interface. As with its data center configuration, Vigilent building controls and resulting data can integrate with and be used as an intelligent layer for a building management system, or as a standalone system to fully control electricity and chilled water operations for building heating and cooling.

For more information, visit www.vigilent.com.

Publication date: 5/26/2014

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