NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Grid Connect, a manufacturer and distributor of embedded networking products, announced that it is entering the Internet of Things industry with the launch of ConnectSense, a line of wireless sensors to automate homes and businesses. ConnectSense sensors will be showcased at Sensors Expo, June 24-26, Rosemont, Illinois, in Booth 517.

ConnectSense is a platform of low-cost, cloud-based Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless sensors that monitor changes in the user’s environment and then sends notifications via phone call, email, text, or tweet. Sensors are available to monitor temperature, humidity, water, motion, security, and light.

ConnectSense wireless sensors allow users to leverage their existing Wi-Fi network without the need to purchase any additional hardware or gateways. Users set alert scenarios using, a cloud-based interface that can be accessed via a PC, Mac, tablet, phone, or any other device with a web browser.

The sensors are portable and can be battery or wall powered, and the system does not require any monitoring fees.

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Publication date: 5/19/2014