SAN FRANCISCO and MUNICH — High-tech startup Tado, based in Munich, Germany, has introduced Tado Cooling, a wireless device and app designed to make most air conditioning units installed in the world smart. The company launched the new product on Kickstarter, inviting people from around the world to financially back the project.

The new Tado device is compatible with wall-mounted ductless units, window units, and portable a/c units. It connects to the a/c unit via infrared and links it to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Tado’s wireless device works with the smartphone app to detect when the last person has left the house and automatically turns off the air conditioning. When any person is on the way home, the device turns on the air conditioner and begins to pre-cool the house. Tado’s indoor positioning system, based on Bluetooth Low Energy/iBeacon® technology, also allows one to move throughout the house without turning the a/c on and off. Instead the room-to-room feature knows what room to cool and when. Users without a smartphone can use Tado Cooling by utilizing an array of ambient light, motion, and noise sensors.

The smartphone app allows users to adjust home temperature according to their preferences, even while on the move. The Tado Cooling device itself provides a LED display and capacitive touch interface for quick and easy adjustments.

Tado said its combination of location sensing, weather forecasts, and intelligent software enables it to achieve ideal indoor temperatures and higher energy efficiency with a/c units already installed in homes and small offices. The company said it is leveraging its experience in intelligent algorithms it has developed since 2011 for the European heating market.

The campaign is continuing until June 11 with a funding goal of $150,000.

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Publication date: 5/19/2014

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