Mastercool Inc.: Wireless Refrigerant Charging ScaleWith an extremely accurate weight sensor, the 98315 hands-free wireless refrigerant charging scale can handle a 240-pound tank. The unit provides precise refrigerant charging through a programmable remote keypad and has a built-in solenoid to eliminate an unwanted tangle of hoses. According to the manufacturer, the solenoid stops the flow of refrigerant, ensuring the precise programmed amount while the user continues to work on the job site, so the technician doesn’t have to be on standby near the tank at the end of charging. An alarm will sound, allowing ample time to turn off refrigerant supply, the company said. The keypad stores in a dust-free compartment under the scale, has a heavy-duty magnet on the backside, displays battery life and signal strength, and provides synchronization and zeroing. Other programming features include pause/charge, which allows the user to stop and continue charging, and the empty/full feature, which allows a user to know the exact amount of refrigerant in the tank at any time.

Mastercool Inc.

eProduct 187

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