Maxxeon Inc.: Electronic FloodlightInspired by the design of the WorkStar 2000 Technician’s work light, the WorkStar 2030 floodlight can also be used hands-free. The light has a moveable directional head with two brightness levels. A choice of mounting options includes powerful, integral rare earth magnets, retractable hook, or tripod mount. The light is rechargeable, with a run time of up to eight hours. It uses a single, high-output, 270-lumen LED as the lighting source. The LED is virtually unbreakable and has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, the company said. The floodlight beam is 20 feet in diameter at a distance of 10 feet. The wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern has been designed to be completely uniform and free from dark spots or hot spots. This clear beam pattern is achieved using an intense white light and results in the user being able to see clearly and easily distinguish features and colors within the beam range. The unit features Realtree AP™ camouflage coating.

Maxxeon Inc.

eProduct 189 

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