Lafert North America Displays High Performance Metric MotorsNEW YORK — Lafert North America’s High Performance Metric Motors are aimed at commercial applications that require high dynamic performance, offering superior efficiency over standard ac induction motors, says the company.

The HPI/HPS Series uses rare earth, surface-mounted permanent magnets to a specially skewed rotor to significantly increase efficiency while reducing size.

The motors enhanced power/weight ratio results in significant frame size reductions, weight reduction of up to 50 percent, and fast installation, the company says. They offer power ratings of 0.75-40 hp, speeds of 1,500-4,500 rpm, and metric frame sizes of 71-132 millimeters.

The motors are offered for OEM applications, but with their standard IEC frames, they can also be used in retrofit situations. In addition to commercial applications, the motors can also be used in industrial applications.

The product won an AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Green Building category.

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