Marvair: Telecom HVAC Units, ControllerModels ASDCA36-42-48-60-72 air conditioners are designed to operate with the CoolLinks™ controller. When the a/c units are used with the programmable logic control-
ler (PLC)-based CoolLinks controller, they provide an energy-efficient solution for cooling telecommunications shelters and similar buildings with high internal heat loads. The air conditioner and controller pairing can reduce energy costs with its free cooling feature and allow the site to function when landline power is lost. The 100 percent free cooling economizer damper, indoor air mover, and internal control board operate on 48-vdc power. If there is a loss of landline power, outside air is brought in for emergency ventilation/cooling. According to the manufacturer, for sites not equipped with a generator, this can allow the site to remain operational when there is a loss of landline power. The CoolLinks controller provides onboard Ethernet connectivity; native support for SNMP v2C traps and messages; and a built-in Web page for remote configuration, control, and monitoring. If a problem is detected, an alarm is generated and displayed on the CoolLinks controller and sent via SNMP v2C trap to the networks operations center. Various options and accessories are available on the air conditioners, including protective coatings on the unit and coils when the units are operated in corrosive environments.


eProduct 187 

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