Buss General Partner Co. Ltd.: Retrofit Baseboard Heater CoversEasy to slip on, Baseboarders® baseboard heater covers are available in a tall profile to suit taller high-output hydronic heaters, and in a sleek new style, the company said. The BC001 Basic Series uses a lighter gauge of galvanized steel (24 and 22) while employing the company’s one-size-fits-most geometry. The BB003 Premium Tall version was developed for commercial and institutional environments. Schools, hospitals, and hotels use the higher-output models to heat interior volumes that are typically larger than residential spaces. The taller profile is identical to the company’s BB001 Premium product, adding only 2 inches in height. The BB003 units are made of 22-gauge panels and 18-gauge endcaps.

Buss General Partner Co. Ltd.

eProduct 182 

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