AUSTIN, Texas — Noesis Energy announced that it now has $18 million of energy efficiency projects in development, which was attained just two months after the launch of Noesis Pro Project Services. The company said this demonstrates the need in the commercial and industrial sector for a systematic way to measure, verify, and finance energy efficiency projects.

Noesis Pro Project Services is designed for commercial and industrial energy professionals who identify and recommend energy efficiency projects. The company said this premium service has been developed to speed the approval and funding of energy projects by combining software as a service (SaaS)-based front- and back-office delivery tools with strategic assistance and expertise, and presenting options for third-party finance. Post implementation, the service provides ongoing measurement and verification of the project to demonstrate actual project savings.

“We are tracking well ahead of plan and seeing heightened engagement with project managers whose projects range between $100,000 and $3 million. Energy efficiency projects of this size are excellent candidates for Noesis because they are eminently financeable and often demonstrate a healthy ROI to the CFOs,” said Dave Jaros, VP of marketing at Noesis. “Energy professionals who use Noesis Pro Project Services get access to expertise and analysis tools that enable them to grow their business by getting more energy project proposals approved.”

Noesis Pro Project Services is optimized for companies that perform numerous project proposals that require approval and funding, but is also useful for businesses that propose only one or two projects per year. Examples of projects include:

$2,300,000 — Insulation for a multifamily residential facility

$1,700,000 — Rooftop PV for a large office building

$1,300,000 — Refrigeration controls for 400 convenience stores

$3,000,000 — Retrofits on four hospital buildings with 50 energy conservation measures

$540,000 — Comprehensive retrofit for a commercial building

$390,000 — Operating lease for a rooftop PV system

$329,000 — Comprehensive retrofit for a medical office building

“The key to unlocking the efficiency opportunity and opening up the flow of small- and large-scale retrofit investments is access to transparent, standardized savings information about energy projects,” said Scott Harmon, CEO of Noesis Energy. “Noesis really is the world’s largest energy savings calculator, where all players of the energy efficiency value chain can come together, learn from past projects, and make informed business decisions on new savings opportunities.”

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Publication date: 12/2/2013

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