RectorSeal Corp.: Mini-Split Refrigerant Line ConnectorsNonkinking and flexible, the NoKink refrigerant line connector is designed for quick, easy, and more reliable refrigerant lineset connections to wall- and ceiling-mounted mini-split evaporators. According to the manufacturer, the line connectors eliminate inadvertent kinking, even with sharp 90-degree bends that potentially lead to leaks on rigid, cumbersome linesets in the typically tight quarters of wall-mounted and ceiling-cassette mini-split evaporator installations. Linesets can remain recessed and straight in the wall once they’re connected to the evaporator coil via the 36-inch NoKink. It is constructed of a braided stainless steel flexible body with 3-inch-long ¼-, 3⁄8-, ½-, or 5⁄8-inch copper stub connections on each end that can be flare-fitted or silver soldered to fit any lineset size combinations. The connectors accommodate operating pressures of up to 800 psi.

RectorSeal Corp.

eProduct 184

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