MINNEAPOLIS — Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, a greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area HVAC contractor, announced that it has completed a project for a young girl who suffers from multiple chronic health issues.

Arden Schlegel is 10-year-old girl who has spent a lot of her life in pain. Arden has Primary Adrenal Insufficiency and she is allergic to nearly everything from food, medication, and things in the environment. From a very young age, she was unable to eat nuts, dairy, soy, fish, turkey, and varieties of fruits and vegetables. She is not able to go outside due to hives and welts caused by grass, weeds, trees, and even the sun.

In her home, Arden has to make sure she has minimal exposure to mold, dust, and many fabrics like carpet, and curtains. These allergies mean that she has to be on constant alert and, of course, she can’t spend more than a few minutes a day outside. Not the normal life of a child.

The Schlegel family cannot have their windows open, which means that the indoor air quality needs to be constantly regulated. Arden’s parents, Heather and Rob Schlegel, are constantly working to provide Arden with the best care and the most comfortable environment possible. Arden’s body can’t regulate heat so her environment needs to be at a safe temperature at all times. Arden is also asthmatic which requires very healthy air standards to avoid asthmatic attacks, which requires the humidity level in their home to be maintained at a precise level.

Gary Katz, the owner of Total Comfort Heating and Cooling, spent time researching the best possible solution to keep the temperature regulated as well as the humidity level in check. Katz put a lot of thought into the air conditioning system. He wanted it to be sized perfectly so the cooling cycles would run longer, therefore decreasing the humidity.

Scott Horn, Scott Koshiol, Piotr Nasiadka, and Steve Hawes donated their personal time for the design and installation and Gary Katz donated all of the equipment. Because of the team’s generosity, Total Comfort was able to install a new furnace, air conditioning system, and an air exchanger. The Total Comfort team also added several vents to make sure that the air is circulating properly. The temperature and air in the home is now cool, comfortable, and circulating, helping Arden around the clock.

For more information on Total Comfort, visit www.tcomfort.com.

Publication date: 8/26/2013

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