WASHINGTON — A historic downtown hotel, the Willard InterContinental, and top D.C. property developers and owners Lerner Enterprises, Carr Properties, and WC Smith, joined with Silver Bullet, a water treatment company, to introduce a commercially available system that significantly increases building sustainability by cutting water, electricity, and chemical use in commercial buildings across the District, where sustainability has gained momentum under Executive Order 13514 on federal sustainability leadership and Mayor Gray’s Sustainable D.C. Plan.

“Lerner is pleased to announce that we are installing the Silver Bullet system throughout our entire D.C. area portfolio of properties,” said Scott Mead of Lerner Enterprises. “We tested the effectiveness of Silver Bullet in treating our cooling towers and condenser systems for 16 months and we were pleased with the results and the energy and water savings that followed. We expect to save millions of gallons of water and tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, allowing us to decrease the overall operating costs and increase the sustainability of our properties without any investment of capital.”

Silver Bullet estimates Lerner has saved enough water to fill more than 75 Olympic sized swimming pools since installing its first system in 2011. Silver Bullet systems are currently installed at 19 of Lerner’s properties.

Up to half of a commercial building’s water use is from cooling towers, which provides cooled water for air conditioning, manufacturing, and electric-power generation, noted Silver Bullet. By targeting this component of building infrastructure for efficiency with Silver Bullet’s water treatment system, property owners can immediately realize significant savings in electricity, water, labor and maintenance, while meeting corporate and government directed sustainability goals, and saving money, said the company.

Silver Bullet said it is already helping the Department of Defense meet its sustainability goals. Its system at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), located in the Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colo., is saving over 1,000 megawatt hours a year of electricity and over 1 million gallons of water a year.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be among the first commercial entities in the nation’s capital to utilize this cost-effect and environmentally sound commercial technology,” said Patrick Birchall, general manager of the Willard InterContinental. Silver Bullet estimates the historic, 335-room hotel has saved nearly half a million gallons of water and 14,000 megawatt hours of electricity since installing Silver Bullet in March 2013 to support the hotel’s responsible business and sustainability efforts and reduce maintenance costs.

“Silver Bullet’s technology is transforming the water treatment and sustainable building industry with our proven, patented, non-toxic technology that saves electricity, water, cuts costs and creates safer working environments,” said David Sunshine, president of Silver Bullet. “We are proud to partner with such notable D.C. property owners like the Willard InterContinental, Lerner Enterprises, Carr Properties, and WC Smith to showcase the kind of impact our technology can have on buildings across the country. We have tremendous appreciation for D.C.’s top property developers’ willingness to bravely embrace a new technology.”

Carr Properties installed the Silver Bullet system on five of its properties in Washington D.C. since December 2012, including the Willard InterContinental in March of this year. Silver Bullet estimates those five properties have saved more than 4.5 million gallons of water and 105,000 megawatt hours of electricity.

Silver Bullet estimates that WC Smith has saved more than 8 million gallons of water and 140,000 megawatt hours of electricity at its 298,000 square foot Federal Gateway office building since installing Silver Bullet in August 2011.

The Silver Bullet system was created by David Kolstad, chief technology officer, following three decades of experience as an operating engineer in power plants, commercial buildings, and hospitals. The system is a patented technology that is said to create a powerful and natural non-toxic biocide when injected in water, killing bacteria, removing scale, and preventing corrosion.

According to Silver Bullet, a University of Pittsburgh study confirmed the effectiveness of its system in reducing biological growth in cooling towers. Test results showed that the Silver Bullet device reduced the average free-floating HPC bacteria concentration by 98.8 percent, and met generally accepted industrial biofouling control recommendation for free-floating bacteria. The test also showed that Silver Bullet’s technology reduced concentrations of biofilm HPC bacteria by 85.9 percent, and free-floating Legionella bacteria by 78.1 percent.

For more information, visit www.silverbulletcorp.com.

Publication date: 7/22/2013

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