service truckThe photo of the truck was taken in Washington, D.C. The signage on the truck makes it perfectly clear what type of service the driver is involved in. It’s a service of the city’s Department of Health (DOH), by the way.

I draw your attention to it here for a couple of reasons. First, to ask readers if their company’s vehicles clearly spell out the services provided by the business. Because, frankly, “HVACR” doesn’t mean a whole lot to a lot of people. And the term “mechanical contracting” may mean even less, let’s face it. And let’s not even get started with the phrase “environmental services.”

I think HVACR service trucks and vans need a slogan more like, “We keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter,” or even better “We keep YOU cool in the summer and warm in the winter!” and the phone number in big numbers. Skip putting “Robert E. Yadayada Jr. Esq. Environmental Services Inc. LLC.“

OK, time to get off of my soap box. Now to Point No. 2. That truck in D.C. got me to thinking about all the creepy-crawlies you service techs must come across in dark, dusty attics and dirty, dingy basements. Since we are all grown-ups here and consider ourselves rather macho given the industry we are in, or not easily frightened, tell me about unexpected meetings you’ve had with creepy-crawlies while on the job and how you dealt with it/them. I will run a few in my October column — just in time for Halloween.

Publication date: 7/15/2013