BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — Carrier, a leading provider of rental HVAC equipment, announced that it is now providing rental cooling, heating, dehumidification, and power generation equipment to the food processing industry to decrease the loss of food and livestock.

Food is a product that’s extremely sensitive to temperature, humidity, and pests. When conditions aren't perfect, product gets lost which can be extremely expensive for a business — but with food, improper storage is not just expensive, it’s also dangerous.

The equipment rental items offered by Carrier can solve temperature issues through solutions for warehouse refrigeration, process cooling, environmental temperature control, and backup cooling and heating devices. There are moisture control and dehumidification products as well to help reduce the presence of condensation, mold, and mildew. Food industry companies can also look to Carrier for pest control and backup power needs.

“We want to provide actual solutions to the problems rather than just giving our clients equipment,” said Tremper Longman, Carrier marketing analyst. “We want to work with each client to help solve their issue effectively rather than just treating a symptom.”

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Publication date: 6/24/2013