GPS fleet-tracking software is one of the most important investments you can make for your business because its functionality encompasses a wide range of features.

As an HVAC contractor, you and your team are always traveling, and having in-depth information about these travels can be invaluable to your business; from productivity to improving routes and general driver safety.

Route Information

Your GPS fleet-tracking system automatically tracks the routes your drivers take to get from point A to point B. This information can be extremely valuable. It allows you to determine the effectiveness of one route over another, as one route may be shorter but take up more travel time. Examining these trips can save you time, gas, and money by helping you plan driving routes that are the most efficient.

Vehicle Information

Managing your fleet involves keeping track of a number of different factors, including road conditions, travel routes, driver behavior, and vehicle status. All of these affect your customer in some way or another and these analytics will allow you to improve customer service from every aspect. Some programs will automatically alert you and your drivers should the vehicle be moved without ignition due to brake failure or, more likely, attempted theft overnight. All of these can cause a delay in your technician accomplishing his goals.

Driver Information

GPS fleet tracking software isn’t limited to tracking the movements and routes of your vehicles; it also helps you track your drivers more effectively. Rather than relying on the manual reports filed by your drivers, you can track their hours by the day, month, or year.

Tracking your drivers’ hours through fleet-management software reduces the likelihood of manual errors and over reporting of hours that can cost your business money.

Software analytics can tell you which drivers are the most productive by sharing how long it takes them to arrive at a job, how long they’re idling during a delivery, and more.

Your software can automatically notify you if a driver exceeds the posted speed limit or engages in other reckless driving behavior. The cost of an accident — replacing the vehicle, the lost deliveries, and the injured driver — can be exorbitant.

GPS tracking software helps your HVAC business in a variety of ways. It makes it easy for you to determine the best routes for correct time estimates, keep track of your vehicles on long jobs, and identify the best and worst drivers on your payroll — saving you time and money.

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Publication date: 5/13/2013

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