Atomizing Systems Inc.: High-Pressure Fog DeviceDesigned for spot cooling/humidifying with zero wetting in any space, the fan-driven, high-pressure fog device applies a dry, non-wetting, cool-water fog in any work space or directly on machinery needing cooling or humidity. According to the manufacturer, even within a room with 8-foot ceilings, no wetting will occur when installed properly. The wall fogger may be mounted almost anywhere and is equipped with a quiet, pressure-sensing fan to add velocity to the fog particles. The unit only requires the ½-hp, 1,000-psi Cold Fog® pump system to operate up to six fan units. Humidity, time, or temperature controls may be added for automatic operation. When fogging stops, water pressure at the pump is released instantly, and check valves on each nozzle close to prevent dripping. Next, the energy-efficient fan shuts down and the unit is ready to start up again drip-free. Each fan outputs approximately 11 pounds per hour with standard nozzles. Larger sizes are available. When multiple fans are employed, manual shutdown of any fan on the system causes the fog pump to automatically slow down while always maintaining the same pressure.

Atomizing Systems Inc.

eProduct 186

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