DALLAS — Proliphix Inc. has announced the availability of new hardware and services designed to make intelligentenergy managementeasier and more affordable for small to medium-sized enterprises, including multi-site retailers, branch banks, and educational institutions.

The Proliphix IMT-400 Energy Controller is an energy management tool that allows customers to manage their buildings’ energy systems via the web, remotely. Compatible with most HVAC systems, the IMT-400 plugs into an organization’s existing data infrastructure and uses standard Internet Protocols (IP) to connect with Proliphix’s cloud-based remote management software, the UniVista Energy Manager.

According to the company, with the click of a mouse, users can set up multi-year schedules, make system adjustments, and arrange email or text message alerts regarding system performance. Customers also get up-to-the-minute operating data, which gives them greater visibility into the operation of their systems and allows them to easily identify trends that might have an impact on future performance.

Proliphix said the IMT-400 is specifically designed for retailers, banks, and public sector organizations that need an efficient and cost-effective way to manage HVAC systems across a network of facilities, while delivering a quick return on investment.

“Until recently, comprehensive energy management has been out of reach for smaller enterprises due to the cost and complexity of traditional systems,” said Walter Dray, president of Proliphix. “Proliphix eliminates those barriers and levels the playing field. We give customers a feature-rich, yet affordable option for energy management that lets them reap the benefits of big business technology, while dramatically reducing costs and creating greater visibility and control over their field operations.”

For more information, visit www.proliphix.com.

Publication date: 4/22/2013