Bryan Steam LLC: Hot-Water Condensing BoilersUltra-high efficiency, the Triple-Flex™ Series of hot-water condensing boilers deliver a minimum 90 percent operating efficiency with 160°F return and 180° supply at maximum input. Triple-Flex also features UL environmental claims validation. The TF Series’ flexible tubes are easily removable and replaceable, without welding or rolling, eliminating long, expensive downtime should repairs ever be required, said the company. The configuration of the water tubes provides a water-cooled combustion chamber. Optimal spacing of the tubes creates high-velocity flue-gas travel for maximum heat transfer. The three-pass design in the combustion and convection sections of the boiler allow for maximum fireside heat transfer. According to the manufacturer, gases continue to the combustion air pre-heater to recover free heat that would otherwise be wasted out the stack.

Bryan Steam LLC

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