ARLINGTON, Va. — North American Technician Excellence (NATE) has announced its spring consumer awareness campaign, to help educate homeowners about the importance of selecting HVAC contractors who hire NATE-certified technicians.

Beginning in April, ads highlighting NATE certification and the NATE contractor website,, will appear on, the popular consumer website used to find and review local businesses. In January 2013, reached an all-time high of 100 million unique visitors and the “Home Services” category (including HVAC providers) is one of the site’s top search categories.

Consumers who search for HVAC services on the site will see ads informing them that “NATE-certified technicians can help their a/c system run smooth all season long,” and encouraging them to click through to to find nearby certified technicians.

The contractors listed on NATE’s HVACR Advice website are part of its Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) program, signifying that they have at least 50 percent of technicians in their employ with current NATE certifications. Contractors with at least 80 percent of their technicians NATE-certified are designated as Quality Circle Contractors. As part of the C3 program, these contractors can post a free listing on NATE’s HVACR Advice website, helping to attract new customers. Contractors interested in joining the C3 program can visit the NATE website at for more information.

Launched in 2011, NATE’s consumer awareness campaign focuses on educating consumers about NATE certification via targeted advertising and a strategic public relations campaign. Through ongoing media outreach, NATE said its message is appearing in an increasing number of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television news outlets to inform homeowners that hiring NATE-certified technicians offers quality assurance they can trust. NATE has also previously placed national network radio advertisements on a mix of news, sports, and entertainment programs, and partnered with industry manufacturers to include NATE in their own ads to help spread the word about the quality assurance offered by NATE certification.

“As an increasing number of homeowners learn about NATE and visit to find a qualified local contractor, it’s more important than ever for contractors to insist on NATE-certified technicians and to include their company information on the site’s online locator,” said Don Frendberg, chairman of the NATE board of trustees. “Campaigns like these extend the reach of our message to a greater number of homeowners, educating them about NATE certification and helping to connect them with contractors who are dedicated to superior installation and service.”

To further assist contractors in capitalizing on these efforts and connecting to consumers seeking NATE-certified technicians, logos, print, and online resources are available for use on contractors’ advertising. Qualified contractors can access the logos and print information on NATE’s website ( at its MyNATE portal at the top of the page.

Publication date: 3/25/2013