GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — Teletrac Inc.®, a GPS fleet tracking and telematics software provider, has announced the launch of its new branded fuel card, Teletrac Universal Premium Fleet MasterCard, in partnership with FLEETCOR Technologies Operating Co. LLC.

According to Teletrac, FLEETCOR’s integration with Teletrac’s Fleet Director® software platform provides the ability to seamlessly manage fuel consumption while safeguarding businesses from fraud and misuse.

“Teletrac’s new branded FleetCard amplifies fuel monitoring capabilities in order to reduce company dollars lost through waste and theft,” said Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac.

The card’s extensive reporting capabilities allow managers to utilize fleet data in order to regulate fuel consumption and eliminate unauthorized card abuse. Companies can manage their fuel economy by monitoring driver usage and comparing those numbers to other drivers within the fleet.

Users can eliminate fuel purchase abuse by quickly pinpointing incidences where misuse occurred at the gas pump. In addition, users have the capability to view all incidents in which the amount of fuel pumped in a transaction exceeded an assigned vehicle’s fuel tank size.

“Teletrac’s integrated FleetCard dramatically improves how companies manage their fuel usage through the combination of location data and reporting controls. Businesses have an exciting new opportunity to reduce operational costs by staying mindful of their fuel usage and expenses,” added Hamilton.

The card provides access to over 160,000 fuel locations across the United States.

The Teletrac Universal Premium Fleet MasterCard is the newest addition to the company’s Fleet Director software platform, which employs tracking data to help reduce company costs and promote safety, compliance, and productivity.

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Publication date: 2/18/2013