Self-contained, the RTR-756 Wireless CO2 + Temperature + Humidity Data Logger is a flexible, real-time monitoring solution for managing CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity in schools and office buildings. The data logger features flexible recording and battery operation. The wireless 3-in-1 recorder enables real-time monitoring of IAQ and automatic data collection from remote locations. The RTR-756 model simultaneously monitors and records in real-time on three channels for CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity. The data logger also self-corrects for altitude and features professional-grade NDIR sensor technology to produce highly accurate measurements. The recorder is battery-operated and backed up. The data logger is also compatible with T&D’s 500 Series data collectors. The 500 series automatically downloads all its data, so users don’t have to go get the data, they can view it all remotely from an office PC.

CAS DataLoggers

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