Day two of the expo is in the books. You know it is day two because of that glazed look people get at around 3 p.m. It is a mix of lack of sleep, walking more than usual, and the enjoyment of some night life. Thanks to my friends at Regal Beloit, I was made aware of a new app called “Moves” which counted that I took 14,868 steps on Tuesday. I suggest you download that and see how many steps you take today.

My day two was spent talking to a lot of manufacturers on where they see 2013 going for the HVAC industry. There was a lot of talk about energy efficiency and sustainability. And most that I talked to were projecting an uptick in business for 2013.

The evening consisted of an entertaining dinner with some folks from ClimateMaster. While I took a pass on the sushi, the stories were laugh out loud funny.

Oh, and you probably want a video with this blog. For that, I show you the armadillo race between myself and managing editor Herb Woerpel that took place Monday night. You had to blow on the tail of the armadillo to make it go. This is a family publication, so I will make no jokes.

Enjoy the video and the last day of the show.