The Sunday night before the AHR Expo means a couple things: great food, a few drinks, and fun conversation with everyone in the HVAC industry. Yesterday was no different asThe NEWScrew was zigzagging Dallas.

What was the highlight for me? I would say running the 40-yard dash at the Emerson event at Cowboy Stadium. Those who attended the party might be thinking that they did not see that station. That might be because it did not exist. But how many times am I going to be on the field of an NFL stadium?

In my mind I was a combination of Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Bob Hayes. However, after taking a look at the video clip it seems I was more Nate Newton. And please notice that Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” is playing in the background. I could not have planned it any better.

Check the tape, that is a 40-yard dash in 7 seconds. Plus I am in a sports coat, did not warm up, and had just eaten a few tacos. If you take all that into consideration I am putting myself down for a 4.5 which is good for an NFL tight end. Sign me up Jerry Jones!