A.O. Smith Habitat for Humanity IBASHLAND CITY, Tenn. — Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith donated 40 water heaters to the Joplin, Mo., area Habitat for Humanity® to be used in 40 habitat homes benefiting the victims of the 2011 storms.

In May 2011, tornados ravaged Joplin, killing 161, destroying one-third of the city, and affecting 7,000 households. Since then, habitat has completed 20 homes for displaced families, with an additional 40 under construction. So far, 13 A. O. Smith ProMax® 50-gallon electric water heaters have been installed in these homes.

“As someone who grew up in the area, our hearts go out to our neighbors in Joplin,” said Paul W. Jones, chairman and CEO of A. O. Smith.

“A. O. Smith stands by Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide safe housing for all and is honored to provide Joplin’s storm victims with the best water heating technology available.”

A. O. Smith has made past donations to various Habitat for Humanity chapters. This year’s Joplin donation is among the largest, matched only by one other 40-heater donation in 2011 to the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.

“As we work to rebuild our community, we are truly grateful for the assistance provided by our partners like A. O. Smith,” said Scott Clayton, executive director for the Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity. “Their help is essential to our rebuilding efforts.”

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Publication date: 1/21/2013