WALTHAM, Mass. — Tecogen Inc. announced that it has signed a contract with the Brevoort East, a luxury 323 unit high-rise co-op in Greenwich Village, N.Y., to provide a turnkey Tecogen combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system. The Tecogen system will deliver electricity, space heating, domestic hot water, and air conditioning to the building’s common areas. In addition, the Tecogen system will offer a level of redundancy in the event of grid failure and blackouts by providing continual energy to essential services for the 26-story building. Tecogen said the energy efficient system is expected to significantly reduce the building’s operating costs and carbon footprint.

The system will consist of two natural gas engine-driven Tecogen InVerde 100 kW cogeneration units with the company’s patent pending ultra-low emissions controls and an 80-ton absorption chiller. Tecogen will be the sole provider for the turnkey package, including engineering, permitting, installation, startup, and maintenance.

“In addition to the benefits of being more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, the expected cost savings generated by the Tecogen CCHP system will be used to establish an annuity for our current and future shareholders,” said Jay Silverzweig, board member and chairman of the infrastructure committee for the Brevoort East. “A considerable amount of due diligence was conducted prior to selecting Tecogen as the foundation for this project.”

This project began with a feasibility study coordinated by the board of directors, resident manager Bob Miller, and managing agent Orsid Realty. The CCHP project was determined to be practical for the building and eligible for a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) grant which covered approximately 50 percent of the total system cost. With the board’s direction, the project was facilitated by Orsid Realty.

The system will be fueled by clean natural gas. Besides the ultra-low emissions technology, the two InVerde cogeneration units will come pre-packaged with Tecogen’s proprietary inverter and Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) microgrid management technology. The InVerde units will convert natural gas to electricity while capturing and repurposing the heat created in the process with 90 percent efficiency (an average electric utility has an efficiency of below 30 percent). Use of the captured heat displaces the use of boiler heat for domestic hot water and space heating. During warmer weather, the 80-ton absorption chiller will convert the captured heat into free air conditioning. The co-op has central air conditioning, and this feature alone will save a significant amount of money.

“Although we have yet to break ground for this project, we are thrilled with the level of expertise, the knowledge base, and attention to detail that Tecogen has brought to the table thus far,” said Rob Mellman, the director of facilities administration for Orisd. “We’ve been working closely with Joe Gehret from Tecogen and we cannot say enough about his responsiveness and professionalism. Having a single point of accountability, when embarking on a project such as this, is unique and welcome. If we have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the project from equipment and installation to function and maintenance, we only need to make one phone call.”

For more information, visit www.tecogen.com.

Publication date: 1/21/2013