Building Automation Master TerminalsThe KL6781 M-Bus master terminal gathers data on energy consumption in building automation solutions. According to the manufacturer, the master terminal extends its range of energy measurement terminals; electricity, water, gas, or energy meters with M-Bus interfaces can be integrated into the company’s fieldbus-independent bus terminal system, rendering external M-Bus gateways unnecessary. The master terminal, in its compact 12-mm housing, enables direct connection of up to 40 M-Bus devices, each with 1.5-mA current consumption. To connect additional devices beyond that limit, users can install another KL6781 in the bus terminal node. The master terminal converts the data from the manufacturer’s I/O system into M-Bus-compliant values. A total of 24 bytes of data per terminal are available for this purpose. The TwinCAT PLC M-Bus software library, which is available free of charge from the company, simplifies the integration of M-Bus devices from numerous manufacturers through predefined profiles.

Beckhoff Automation LLC

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