Centrifugal Chiller Purge UnitThe Redi-Purge noncondensable gravity flow purge 007 Series units are a virtual drop-in replacement for purge units that pull from and return to the condenser. The series includes models 007-11-C3 and 007-123-C3. According to the manufacturer, the refrigerant charge does not have to be pulled to install, the automatic self-adjusting microprocessor controller learns a chiller’s purging needs, operating only when necessary, and the purge operates independent of chiller operation. The Redi-Purge liquid return filter drier FD007 is designed to remove moisture and acid from an R-11, R-113, or R-123 low-pressure centrifugal chiller. The filter drier is the factory-recommended replacement part for the PRG 007 Series gravity flow centrifugal chiller purge unit, said the manufacturer.

Redi Controls Inc.

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