NEW YORK — Construction Connection, an online construction industry networking site, announced that it is helping companies in New York and all along the East Coast find qualified workers to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Using the site, business owners and contractors can find union and non-union workers whose specific skill sets meet their needs.

By registering on Construction Connection, both employees and employers can create a free profile, which is instantly visible to over 45,000 members already registered on the website; through extensive SEO and social media campaigns, members are connected to hundreds of thousands of people. Unlike most job-posting sites, Construction Connection said it does not focus on resumes. Rather, users complete a detailed profile that allows them to list all of their industry-specific skills, experience, licenses, union affiliations, and more. Then, using a patent-pending job matching system, business owners and contractors can post detailed jobs and get connected to a manageable number of highly qualified candidates. The purpose of this system is to avoid an influx of under-qualified, or irrelevant, applications from people outside the industry.

“By using our site, contracting firms, inspection firms, engineering firms, and others working to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey can find top-notch candidates for free and quickly,” said co-founder Suzanne Breistol. As a Florida resident, Breistol is no stranger to the damage that a hurricane can do. She added, “We are here to help put the right people together to expedite the rebuilding process whether someone needs to find tradespeople, inspectors, managers, or a partnering company. In addition to the free company profiles and job match we want our members to take advantage of the other free resources our site has to offer including free toolbox talks, educational articles, and our partners program.”

The partners program on Construction Connection is a free resource for members to seek out advice and services from professionals in a variety of areas. The partners include engineering firms, attorneys, fringe benefit consultants, manufacturers, and more.

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Publication date: 12/3/2012