Hurricane Sandy hit the core of the oil heating market, impacting both customers and industry firms. To help ensure information is shared, resources go to the right area, and as much cooperation as possible occurs, the National Association of Oil & Energy Service Professionals (OESP) is facilitating communication by introducing three new resources — a website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

The website — — will be the central clearinghouse for information and will be organized and useful to the industry at large.

The website has the following categories:

• Appliances: A recovery of this magnitude may require both more equipment and quicker delivery. To accommodate this, OESP is publishing surveys to understand whether any shortages in equipment are occurring, and a step-by-step guide on how to assess and repair or replace equipment.

• Insurance: As the recovery moves forward there will be a number of questions of who pays. OESP has developed frequently asked questions and answers that will be published.

• Oilheat Cares: This charity has helped many customers replace equipment. To facilitate its use, the organization is dedicating all funds raised to Hurricane Sandy relief, and a donation section is on the webpage. Additionally, OESP has placed applications for assistance on the webpage.

• Government: Each of the states and the federal government will be assisting their citizens. Information on that assistance and how efforts at recovery will be facilitated will be placed here.

• FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency): FEMA will have billions of dollars to spend on the recovery. OESP will be placing information here as it is received.

• Volunteer: Undoubtedly, resources in affected areas will be stressed. OESP has set this section up to provide companies and individuals an opportunity to help with the recovery.

Also, OESP established a Facebook page also named oilheatingstorm where conversations on the recovery and how resources can be allocated will occur. The association invites people to post and use the Facebook page, and it will move information to the webpage so that it will be organized and useful.

In addition, a Twitter account has also been set up so OESP can distribute notices of new information. The twitter account is named @oilheatingstorm.

OESP encourages use of, Facebook, and Twitter so there is an active resource for the industry.

Publication date: 12/3/2012