modulating linear motorsThe modulating linear motors with integrated safety provide varying gas flow control instead of straight on-off control. By incorporating the device into furnaces and other types of gas-burning products, gas flow can be controlled and dispensed in varying amounts so that fuel is burned at a slower or faster rate as needed. It results in improved burning efficiency, saving energy and reducing pollution, the company said. Typical applications include gas heaters, gas fireplaces, gas boilers, and other types of equipment that use gas valve control. The linear motors feature highly accurate regulation of the linear stepper motor that allows replacement of two electromagnets per channel, and requires only one channel to control the global range of flow (0.6 m3/h to 6 m3/h). The stepper motor configuration also features a rapid response and a dual safety system that combines the regulation and fail-safe function into one. This allows the motor to switch off the valve and stop the gas flow in less than 10 milliseconds. The integrated spring-loaded safety feature also provides shut-off in case there is an electrical failure or other type of programmed failure mode. Other characteristics of the series include low noise, customization to specific application requirements, and certification to EN161 safety standards.


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