MINNEAPOLIS — Entropy Solutions Inc., a bio-based specialty company, has announced the launch of Chillin’ Brew™ panels, a new product designed and engineered to keep beer at the absolute coldest temperature possible.

Chillin’ Brew panels utilize a special formulation of Entropy Solutions’ patented and proprietary PureTemp phase change materials (PCM). PureTemp is a bio-based thermal energy storage technology that the company said can “dial in” and maintain very tight temperature ranges for extended periods of time. Derived from 100 percent sustainable sources, PureTemp is engineered to maintain more than 200 different transition temperatures with consistent, repeatable performance.

“Our PureTemp technology has been integrated into numerous products worldwide; however, this one is sure to strike the hearts of millions of passionate beer drinkers,” said Steve Skallerud, vice president of sales and marketing for Entropy Solutions. “When our team of engineers came to me with this idea and initial test results, I was blown away — I mean who doesn’t like cold beer.”

Traditionally beer drinkers have had to settle for ice, which must be constantly replenished and can’t reach the perfect cold beer temperature. Entropy said testing has revealed that the formulation used in Chillin’ Brew panels maintains beer at 1/10th of a degree above the temperature before beer goes from liquid to slush and holds it there for hours — a temperature unattainable with ice.

“Entropy partners with some of the world’s leading companies to deliver thermal innovations to both consumer and commercial products in the areas of building and construction, textiles, medical, and refrigeration. Having the opportunity to provide innovative products within the malt beverage industry is both exciting and rewarding,” said Preston Williams, vice president of research and development. “While we enjoyed working on this project, it further highlights PureTemp’s capabilities to work in a multitude of applications.”

Coinciding with the launch of Chillin’ Brew is Entropy’s “Saving the Polar Bears One Beer at a Time” campaign. Entropy is donating a portion of each product sold to the World Wildlife Fund in support of preserving the world’s polar bear population. “We chose the polar bear image used in the Chillin’ Brew logo as it is synonymous with cold,” said Skallerud. “The opportunity to aid in this conservationist effort directly aligns with our company mission.”

For more information, visit www.puretemp.com.

Publication date: 11/5/2012