TORONTO — ecobee Inc., makers of the Smart and Smart Si thermostats, has announced the beta launch of Home IQ™, a value-added service that provides customers with personalized insights into their home’s energy efficiency.

“ecobee’s Home IQ takes thousands of data points, automatically collected through a customer’s ecobee thermostat, and uses advanced math and physics to create a model that learns about our customers’ home, and provides them with insights into their home’s energy performance,” said Stuart Lombard, ecobee’s president and CEO. “Over the last three years, ecobee has collaborated with some of the brightest scientists in the field of energy conservation. We’re delighted to announce the beta launch of this unique and innovative ecobee service.”

ecobee’s Home IQ is integrated into the customer’s ecobee Web Portal. Home IQ displays the customer’s ecobee rating (a relative assessment of a home’s energy performance), estimated monthly energy savings, monthly heating and cooling summaries, details on performance influencing factors such as the weather and average set point, HVAC runtime reports, and more.

Lombard continued, “For most people, it is difficult to understand their homes’ energy performance without an expensive home energy audit. ecobee’s Home IQ provides many of the benefits of a personal home energy audit, at no additional cost. Our goal is to answer questions like: ‘How energy efficient is my home? How can I optimize my settings to drive more savings? How do my energy savings compare to those of other ecobee customers? Do I need to upgrade my insulation or weather strip my home?’ Home IQ is just another example of how ecobee continues to bring innovative, value added services to all of our customers.”

ecobee plans to build upon the Home IQ beta platform to add further insights into customers’ home energy performance.

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Publication date: 10/15/2012