Commercial Condensing Hydronic BoilerRedesigned and featuring 15:1 turndown for energy efficiency and low NOx emissions, the Benchmark 6000 (BMK6000) is a 6 million-Btuh condensing hydronic boiler. It has an operating efficiency of 92.5 percent. The unit measures 79 (h) by 34 (w) by 109 (d) inches. The boiler comes standard with the patented Oxygen Level (O2) monitoring system that can display the O2 level directly on the boiler’s C-More™ Touch Screen Control Package in real time. The remote data collection option continually monitors the internal operations, scanning performance parameters and potential fault risks. This information is collected and evaluated at the manufacturer’s data center, which has the capability to monitor performance trends and fault occurrences. The BMK6000 can also be remotely accessed via Modbus or intranet, enabling the boiler’s emissions level and fuel economy to be measured without traditional calibration devices, helping to maximize fuel economy. According to the manufacturer, the boiler delivers <20 ppm NOx at all firing levels, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-friendly projects. The BMK6000 can be serviced via the front or top of the boiler, as well as the side, allowing for true side-by-side installation. The boiler offers a number of venting capabilities including sidewall, through-the-roof, and sealed combustion for broad installation flexibility.

AERCO International

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