HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Greenway Design Group Inc. announced its local dealer has installed the company’s Cool-n-Save systems at the Chesapeake Energy Corp. campus in Oklahoma City, where they are expected to provide a rapid payback. The company said the installation required three Cool-n-Save HERO-100 systems for three rooftop 140-ton York chillers. The projected cost savings from reduced HVAC energy usage is $6,500 per month, which brings the estimated return on investment (total energy savings versus cost of installation, equipment, and first year maintenance) to about 12 months.

The company also noted that the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water supply was high, at 650 ppm. The HERO water purification system brought it down to 19 ppm.

“This is a first in what we foresee will open up many more installations at the Chesapeake corporate campus and at other major corporations,” said Darius Jakubik, senior vice president of Greenway. “Ever since we installed the large system at Hughes Network Systems in Las Vegas last year, the inquiries from larger energy consumers have steadily increased.”

Greenway said that independent field studies (in Nevada and Costa Rica) show that its Cool-n-Save evaporative pre-cooling systems can produce energy cost savings as high as 30 percent, with an average savings of about 26 percent from air conditioning use during peak season. The company has been developing pre-cool misting technology since 2005.

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Publication date: 9/17/2012