ATLANTA — ASHRAE awarded over $86,000 in scholarship money for the 2012-2013 school year.

“Engineers build our future, so we want to help build up future engineers,” said William Murphy, Ph.D., P.E., chair of the Scholarship Trustees. “Many of the ASHRAE scholarship recipients are already working in the industry part time and some are exploring careers in various areas of HVACR. We hope that this added exposure to the industry will lead to employment opportunities for them in the field during and after college.”

This year’s recipients are as follows:

Reuben Trane Scholarship, $10,000 to be awarded over two years: Drew Miller, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; Kody Jones, Oklahoma State University; and Paul Nelson, North Dakota State University.

Willis H. Carrier Scholarships, $10,000 for one year: Elizabeth McLean, Kettering University and Patrick McGrail, Kansas State University.

Frank M. Coda, $5,000 for one year: Jayson Bursill, University of British Columbia.

David C.J. Peters Scholarship, $5,000 for one year: Julia Pollard, California Polytechnic State University.

The following awards include one-year $3,000 scholarships:

Boggarm S. Setty Scholarship: Jared Levy, University of Maryland; Duane Hanson Scholarship: Cody Knuth, Kansas State University; Alwin B. Newton Scholarship: John Heineken, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Henry Adams Scholarship: Alexander Pray, University of Colorado-Boulder; ASHRAE Region IV/Benny Bootle Scholarship: Lauren Bridgers, East Carolina University; Donald E. Nichols Scholarship: Arturo de Jesus Santa Ruiz, Tennessee Technological University; ASHRAE Memorial Scholarship: Joshua Kavanaugh, University of Alabama; ASHRAE General Scholarships: Yu Ho Kwok, University of Hong Kong; Jingyu Lee, Illinois Institute of Technology; High School Senior Scholarships: Jonathan Hankenhof, University of Cincinnati; Katlyn McDermott, University of Missouri; and the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Scholarship: Yoginder Rana, Ferris State University.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2013-14 undergraduate, regional, and university-specific scholarships. The deadline is Dec. 1, 2012.

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Publication date: 9/10/2012