Clevis Hanger Application SupportsEngineered specifically for clevis hanger applications, the Snap ‘N Shield clevis supports allow pipes to expand and contract without damaging the insulation. Their high walls also help reduce the chance of damage caused by rubbing against the sides of the clevis hanger, to provide a reliable and durable solution to help protect insulated pipes. They can be used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and plumbing applications. For fast, easy installation, the supports feature a snap-on design that simply connects directly onto clevis hangers without the use of tools. This mechanism prevents the eventual dislocation of the support from the clevis hanger caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the piping line. The inside opening easily and securely houses a wide range of insulated pipes and offers maximum protection from friction caused by the rubbing of piping insulation on the clevis hanger. According to the manufacturer, Snap ’N Shield clevis supports are ideal for horizontal pipe supports and can be ordered to accommodate nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2 to 8 inches.

Cooper B-Line

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