ICOR International has developed Tech Tools, a mobile application that will supply refrigerant knowledge and resources for anyone that carries an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

“This powerful new app will give refrigerant users access to valuable refrigerant information including material safety data, individual product specifications, and user guidelines,” said ICOR VP Gordon McKinney. “This really is a first-class app. It’s incredibly easy to navigate, has seamless transitions, awesome graphics, and is loaded with a treasure trove of information. Refrigerant users will love this great new tool, and they will love the price — free.”

McKinney said that with so many changes taking place in the industry, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians need quick and easy access to more information to keep pace. “More and more every day, technicians are looking to the Internet for information via their PC or phone. ICOR’s Tech Tools app will provide technicians with critical information at the most critical times. Nothing can be more time consuming and frustrating for technicians than to find themselves on a jobsite preparing to charge a system with refrigerant, and they realize they do not have a P/T [pressure-temperature] chart. The Tech Tools app puts that information right in their hand, right on the jobsite.”

The Tech Tools app is available on the App Store and eventually ICOR will have versions for other platforms, the company said.

For more information, go to www.icorinternational.com.

Publication date: 8/20/2012