apartment buildingCompany:Steven Winter Associates (Centerville, Ohio)

Customer: Legow Management Co. (Brielle, N.J.)

Installation: Aeroseal duct sealing technology; American Aldes constant airflow regulators

Completion: 2008

Objective: Provide energy-saving ventilation repairs within a multi-family residence.

Description: The complete ventilation retrofit was designed to optimize both energy performance and indoor comfort/air quality inside a 50-year-old apartment building. Aeroseal was used to effectively seal leaks throughout the building’s 25 individual ventilation shafts. The American Aldes constant airflow regulators improved the effectiveness of the building’s exhaust fans and reduced the consumption of gas used to heat the individual apartments by 30 percent.

“Aeroseal sealed 90 percent of the duct leakage and was instrumental in dramatically improving the floor-to-floor balancing of the ventilation system as well.
- Marc Zuluaga, vice president and director of multifamily energy services, Steven Winter Associates.

Publication date: 8/20/2012