Hot-Wire Anemometer and Accessory HeadCombination hot-wire anemometer and psychrometer accessory head AAT3 gets into ducts easily. It can be used for measurement of air velocity, temperatures, and percent rh. It also calculates wet bulb and dew point. When connected to the HG3 HVAC Guide, the AAT3 provides data for automatic calculations of target superheat, target evaporator exit temperature, and total cfm tests. Utilizing the 38-inch telescoping wand, technicians can take measurements at hard-to-reach registers or in the duct for the most accurate measurements, said the company. The accessory head can be connected directly to any of the manufacturer’s stick meters, data loggers, electronic handles, or HVAC Guide System Analyzer, or it can be connected wirelessly to any of the company’s wireless-enabled meters via the ET2W wireless transmitter. The AAT3 includes the tool, battery, silicone test leads, and telescoping probe.


eProduct 182