CENTERVILLE, Mass. — The National High Performance Building Conference is scheduled for Dec. 3-7, 2012 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The conference is in its fourth year as part of Ecobuild® America.

According to George Borkovich, Ecobuild principal, high performance building is a hot topic now. “Why? Because high performance buildings are energy efficient, have limited environmental impact and, most importantly, operate with the lowest possible life-cycle costs,” he said.

“This conference goes beyond green,” said Borkovich. “The best projects perform to a higher level. Owners and managers are seeking long-term savings and demanding their facilities perform over the life-cycle of the building. A green building may be a security nightmare, or lack sustainability, or be a facilities operational/lifecycle failure. The National High Performance Building Conference stresses issues that examine whole-building design and feature preservation, building intelligence, aesthetics, building performance, security, energy efficiency, communications, and the information technologies that can help AEC professionals improve design, construction, and project management.”

Some of the sessions, seminars, and symposiums offered at the conference include:

• What’s Next in Green: Profiting from Green Trends in a Recovering Economy

• Rapid Energy Analysis with Revit models – Reality or Dream?

• Energy Master Plans – The Path to Financial Success and Energy Independence

• Assuring High Performance, Zero Energy Buildings and Facilities

• Sustainable Design for Mission Critical Facilities

• Driving Deeper Savings in Existing Buildings: Tools, Techniques, and Talent

• High Performance Reconstructed Buildings: The 99% Solution

• BIM for Existing Facilities

• Building Envelope Commissioning

• BIM-based Building Performance Analysis

• High Performance in Building Envelopes

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Publication date: 8/13/2012