Residential Wireless Thermostat and ReceiverModel T1100RF wireless thermostat and T1100REC receiver offer maximum comfort with minimum effort due to a completely wireless thermostat, seven-day programmability with four time periods per day, and a copy command. The thermostat is compatible with most two-stage heat, two-stage cool equipment including gas/electric, heat pumps, electric and hydronic heat, or use with gas/electric or heat pump systems. It transmits up to 500 feet, through walls and floors, at 418 MHz, which shouldn’t interfere with other wireless systems in the home, said the company. The thermostat features a thermo-glow electro-luminous display that shows heat and cool set points, mode, and room temperature simultaneously. A five-minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit can be disabled for servicing equipment. Set point adjustment ranges from 35 to 99°F, and the sensing range is from 32 to 99°. Model T1100REC is a base station receiver for wireless thermostats and can be mounted at the HVAC unit or at the old thermostat’s location. Four T1100RF wireless thermostats can be linked to one T1100REC base station.

Venstar Inc.

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