ANN ARBOR, Mich. — With the recent launch of regional website entities covering greater Europe, South and Latin America, as well as India and Asia, Tecumseh Products Co. is now introducing its redesigned global website. The enhanced site provides a communication platform of global and regional content to visitors, and is now available regionally in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Tecumseh said the website offers an interactive window allowing the company to efficiently and effectively communicate with its customers, suppliers, investors, media, and employees.

A single web address,, provides access to:

• All Tecumseh products through a quick product search form using model and/or bill of material, as well as a faceted product search engine using various attributes like voltage, refrigerant, and application.

• A centralized and structured repository of downloadable and printable information including: product data, technical publications, and brochures.

• I-frame linkage to a comprehensive investor relations site that incorporates printer-friendly SEC filings; online versions of annual reports; information on corporate governance; and real-time stock information. Interested investors can sign up to receive investor alerts and press releases via RSS or email.

• Global supplier information including: compliance declarations; purchasing terms and conditions; and the Tecumseh Supplier Manual.

• The ability to search for and contact local wholesale distributors.

“As recent as 2010, Tecumseh was operating more than a dozen individual websites around the world,” said Michael Smith, Tecumseh global manager of marketing communications and branding. “We now have one consistent information storefront globally and a dedicated team of marketing and communications professionals to deliver appropriate global and regional content to our audiences around the world.”

The new site contains global content that all users will see, but is oriented to each user’s IP address by locator software to provide appropriate regional content, including specific products and services available to them in their country. Users can also select the appropriate regional language, while English is available to all users regardless of global location.

Phase I of the site development helped lay a foundation for continued improvement. The Tecumseh global website team has already embarked on Phase II of the project, which will allow for secure customer logins, enhanced product search capabilities, an online warranty processing function, and more.

“Our goal from the start was to create a stable, scalable platform for continuous improvement of information delivery,” said Smith. “Our new website allows us to quickly move forward with web technology advances, including online training delivery, enhanced customer interaction, and faster delivery of our messages to all constituents.”

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Publication date: 7/2/2012