Version 3.0 of the Data Manager for the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard® (EEED) is available. The Data Manager is capable of gathering real-time data from multiple buildings across multiple locations, allowing companies to educate on their key performance indicators anywhere, anytime. The solution can access data for multiple buildings/multiple locations and deploy it via touchscreens/kiosks, on the web, and on mobile devices including Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, and BlackBerry. With energy-efficiency information available on the go, occupants can access this information at their convenience. Version 3.0 of the Data Manager offers integrated data access within the Microsoft platform (store and report all data for all buildings within one MS SQL database). This allows data to be accessed to develop advanced reports using existing software (Excel or other software). Features include the cloud data storage and ability to back up data and import benchmark and/or baseline data.

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