Direct Vent Gas InsertThe IR Series direct vent gas inserts feature the company’s advanced infrared technology and flame modulation. The XIR gas inserts offer a modulating dual-burner system that results in a firebox filled with a stunning triple flame pattern. According to the manufacturer, the IR Series allows homeowners to use zone heating, which means they can turn down their furnace in the colder months and only heat the room they use most. A multitude of designer options are available. The IR3 has single-burner manual flame modulation (optional remote controls available for on-off or thermostatic control only). The IR3G Model offers single-burner remote control flame modulation (automatic or manual) with a hand-held remote supplied. Both the XIR3 and XIR4 have dual-burner remote control flame modulation (automatic or manual) and come with a hand-held remote supplied. The four models can utilize natural gas or propane and have a range of Btu (inputs) of 15,000-40,000, de-pending on the model. Features include electronic ignition; a battery pack so the fireplace can be operated without using any electricity, allowing the homeowner to stay safe and warm during power failures; leveling legs to simplify installing the inserts on an uneven hearth; and certified for mobile homes.

Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills

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