Portable Hazardous Location HeaterWith ratings of Class 1, Group C and D, Divisions 1 and 2 and Class 2, Groups F and G, Divisions 1 and 2; and Temperature Code T3B, 165°C (329°F), the portable hazardous location heater is shipped ready to be hard wired for use. According to the manufacturer, the heater is excellent for providing seasonal heating in hazardous environments. The unit has a 3.3- through 25-kW rating; 208, 240, 480 V available in selected capacities. The wheeled cart allows for easy maneuverability and has locking anti-static wheels to reduce the risk of static discharge. The cart has integrated forklift channels to provide for ease of lifting onto ramps or trucks. All units have a disconnect switch, pilot light, and thermostat as standard. Other features include all-aluminum, spark-resistant construction on heater housing and cart, 24-V control, manual reset, adjustable louvers, durable epoxy coating on heater housing, and hazardous location unit mounted male/female plug.

TPI Corp.

eProduct 184