BEVERLY, Mass. — Save Energy Systems Inc. is a start-up company focused on energy efficiency that has launched with what the company says is a new, low-cost system that optimizes commercial HVAC systems and reduces electricity bills.

According to Save Energy Systems, it has developed a low-cost data-networked system that optimizes ventilation and cooling. Using sophisticated algorithms, its patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) monitors ambient and external temperatures to coordinate HVAC units’ performance to reduce energy costs.

“Commercial energy bills reflect more than just kilowatts used, but also charges for the level of demand reached and, depending on geographic location, peak rates for time of day use,” said Paul Laskow, founder and CEO of Save Energy Systems. “Save Energy Systems provides businesses with a level of monitoring and control that cuts HVAC energy costs up to 30 percent.”

The DLC is designed for commercial buildings of 6,000 square feet or more, which typically have three or more HVAC units. It’s a standalone networked system that intelligently balances HVAC use, with browser-based interface that is easily accessed, said the company. Pricing for the DLC starts at $3,399. With potential HVAC energy savings of 30 percent, it offers a fast return on investment for commercial facilities.

“Efficiency is the cleanest form of energy and Save Energy Systems has taken a very smart approach in cutting commercial energy use without compromising comfort or operations,” said Dr. Martha Farmer, president and CEO, North Shore InnoVentures. “The DLC provides a breakthrough in energy management by applying simple technology to a complex problem. It offers a level of performance previously available to complex systems costing 10 times more.”

Save Energy Systems said it has conducted extensive beta testing and has been given preliminary reviews by utilities, commercial building owners, and HVAC contractors. The company is currently signing regional distributors for sales and installation services throughout the U.S.

Headquartered in Beverly, Mass., Save Energy Systems is allied with North Shore InnoVentures, Mass Technology Leadership Council, Boston ENET, and is participating in the MassChallenge and Clean Tech Open. For further information, visit

Publication date: 05/07/2012