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Course Title: Trane Air-Cooled CGAM Scroll Chiller (for Service Contractors)

Sponsoring Organization: Trane

Date: May 31

Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

Course Description: This course is tailored for service contractors. The course is designed to highlight the differences between the existing product and its replacement (RTAA 70-125 ton). After completing the program, attendees will be able to verify proper unit performance and logging parameters. This boot camp will also give students the ability to diagnose specific problems associated with failures and diagnostics of the CGAM units. The CH530 control enhancements will be outlined as well. Specific course objectives include comparing and contrasting the RTAA and CGAM; gaining an understanding of the CGAM mechanical cooling system; gaining an understanding of the CGAM oil distribution system; gaining an understanding of the CGAM CH530 control enhancements; learning the CSHN scroll compressor construction, operation, and troubleshooting; knowing the field servicing/repair limitations of the CSHN compressor design; learning the brazed plate heat exchanger (evaporator) construction, operation, and troubleshooting; using unit wiring diagrams to troubleshoot unit diagnostics; and learning the CH530 control architecture, start sequence, and operating logic.

Publication date: 05/07/2012