Water Heater Remote Monitoring and ServiceA remote monitoring technology and service, the OnGuard RMT™ system is available for commercial and residential gas-powered water heaters. It combines proprietary hardware, alert status notification, 24/7 factory-based technical support, and fast service dispatch to give customers awareness, protection, and peace of mind. When connected, the status of the water heater is communicated directly to Bradford White technicians. In the event the water heater indicates a fault or requires service, the customer is contacted. The same technician then contacts an authorized service contractor to perform any required repair or maintenance. According to the company, it covers the cost of the service calls and repair. In addition to monitoring, live technical support, and service dispatching, customers also get fault alert notification via email or phone call, and the tracking, reporting, and data collection of unit performance. The data provides a record of burner cycles, fuel usage, run time, and water temperature fluctuation. The OnGuard RMT system can also monitor up to four water heaters, collecting and storing data for each unit.

Bradford White

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