energy recovery dehumidification systemThe energy recovery dehumidification systems utilize highly efficient passive heat pipe technology. ACT-HP-WA Wrap-Around dehumidification systems can be easily installed in existing or new vertical or horizontal air handlers. The system is designed in a U-shape to wrap around the existing evaporator coil of an HVAC system. By adding a pre-cool heat pipe, the system now functions more efficiently and can perform higher levels of latent cooling and increased dehumidification. Smaller-capacity air conditioning systems can be designed with enhanced performance due to increased latent and sensible cooling performance, the company said. The design pre-cools return or direct outside air prior to the evaporator coil and then reheats the air (passively) after the coil. According to the manufacturer, the result is reduced system energy/operating costs in the thousands of dollars per year. The ACT-HP-wrap-around design does have a small impact on static pressure but is compensated by a sizable reduction in power consumption by replacing electric or hot gas reheat. The systems can be specified for existing equipment in a variety of coil configurations. Each system is optimized for the region of installation.

Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc.

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