ORLANDO, Fla. — Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., a leading manufacturer of water source and geothermal heat pumps, solar thermal systems, tankless water heaters, condensing boilers and hot water storage tanks for residential and commercial applications, has announced a new partnership with Serenbe, a sustainable eco-conscious community development, that will be the site of a first-of-its-kind Bosch Experience Center designed to showcase the company’s full-line of residential solutions. In addition, up to three new homes, equipped with Bosch products, are planned for construction, serving as models for homeowners considering sustainable options.

Serenbe, a 1,000-acre real estate and sustainable farming development south of Atlanta, will be one of the first communities in the United States featuring the Bosch residential solutions, with the Bosch Experience Center slated to open in May 2012.

Bosch said its new Experience Center will offer consumers and trade professionals the opportunity to learn about Bosch solutions while serving as a gathering spot for discussions on sustainability research and education. The end goal, according to Bosch officials, is to show how the combination of energy-efficient Bosch products help produce sustainable homes that can significantly reduce energy demand and monthly costs, and have the potential of giving energy back to the grid in certain configurations.

“Building a new home can be a great experience. But balancing performance, efficiency, and aesthetics can also create a lot of stress with the many choices that have to be made. Our goal is to offer a portfolio of products designed to address these priorities, thus facilitating a simple ‘peace of mind’ solution for sustainable living decisions,” said Ervin Cash, president and CEO, Bosch Thermotechnology North America. “This powerful portfolio is designed for reliability — meaning precision engineering and design ensuring years of clean, efficient operation for everyday home comfort needs.”

“Bosch has been an incredible partner for Serenbe. With the industry’s brightest minds and best products, Bosch is helping us achieve our company’s vision of providing cost-effective, sustainable home solutions to the masses,” Serenbe founder Steve Nygren said. “With the complete suite of Bosch products, we provide a unique one-stop solution — a critical issue for home builders, installers, and consumers. It’s now possible to not only achieve energy efficient performance, but also retain a reasonable entry price point for the U.S. consumer of approximately $250,000 — which helps diminish a major roadblock for widespread sustainable technology adoption.”

Nygren added that the Experience Center will provide a clear demonstration of how sustainable technology is applicable for everyday use and is readily available. “Bosch has simplified the decision for homeowners contemplating a switch to more sustainable product solutions. It’s a major step in promoting more widespread adoption of the principles we embody here at Serenbe,” he said. “This is only the beginning of an exciting partnership we feel can set the bar for other sustainable communities nationwide.”

For more information, visit www.bosch-climate.us or www.serenbe.com.

Publication date: 04/09/2012